Northcoast Lawn Specialists

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Tall Order

Create a more effective marketing solution as opposed to the previous direct mailings campaign which limited the company to the mailboxes that they could physically reach.


1. Logo Update
2. Website Design  
3. Marketing Plan

Cinnamon's Recipe

To spice up the marketing, we first refined the logo. We pinpointed the best components already in place and let those be the featured flavors. Then we mixed in some new design elements to keep the product fresh and spread the new branding generously on website, letterhead, and brochures. With the creative batter in place, Northcoast is able to offer cohesive branding and services that clients will find irresistible.

With Northcoast Lawn’s tasty venture into the web, their reach has increased exponentially. In order to keep up with consumers’ growing hunger for information, we whipped up a website that offers what clients need to know. Now Northcoast Lawn’s marketing recipe fully reflects the high-quality services they provide.